Who I Am & What My Blog Is

Confession time, I love reading people's blogs - it is what caused me to start one for myself.  The first thing I do when I click up on a new blog is I read the "about me" section.  Almost every blog has one - and if they don’t they should.  I like to think that how a person talks about themselves sets up how they talk about the things they describe in their blog.  I have been thinking about how I will put me out to you. 

So how do I describe myself. First who am I?

I am a twenty something woman who is married to the man of her dreams

I am a nurse

I am a lover of the outdoors

I am saved by the grace of God

I am a person who desires to find and explore different ways to be creative

Now the real question is how does everything that I am translate into this blog?

This blog will reflect my life its main purpose to help me publically use that creative desire and receive feedback so that I can improve.  

I am sure that I will add to this list but normally when I create I never know what it will be until I have been working on it for a while.. We will see how this goes. 

So take a moment and explore the tiny amount of content that I brought with me from my old musings and get ready for more!